Commit d1e62131 authored by Daniel Morlock's avatar Daniel Morlock

Fix typo in autodiscovery.

parent e5de70b8
......@@ -1788,11 +1788,11 @@ class caldav_driver extends calendar_driver
$cal_attribs = array('{DAV:}resourcetype', '{DAV:}displayname');
require_once ($this->cal->home.'/lib/caldav-client.php');
$caldav = new caldav_client($props["url"], $props["caldav_user"], $props["caldav_pass"]);
$caldav = new caldav_client($props["caldav_url"], $props["caldav_user"], $props["caldav_pass"]);
$tokens = parse_url($props["url"]);
$tokens = parse_url($props["caldav_url"]);
$base_uri = $tokens['scheme']."://".$tokens['host'].($tokens['port'] ? ":".$tokens['port'] : null);
$caldav_url = $props["url"];
$caldav_url = $props["caldav_url"];
$response = $caldav->prop_find($caldav_url, array_merge($current_user_principal,$cal_attribs), 0);
if (!$response) {
$this->_raise_error("Resource \"$caldav_url\" has no collections");
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