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Fix incomplete systemd merge

Andries van Schie requested to merge 38-added-systemd-to-eselect into master

This completes the merge to the ebuilds for slots 9.5 & 10.0.

I also extended the eselect-gitlabhq to so that it creates a hardlink (alias) to gitlabhq-$ This way systemctl enable is only needed once, and eselect-gitlabhq set ... will be enough to switch to the new release.

The hardlink isn't working as I expected (not updated) so back to Alias in That requires a systemctl enable by every release upgrade. (Removed the second commit that was making hardlink in eselect gitlabhq)

Note: This commit doesn't contain the gitlabhq/Manifest (needs now to be updated)

Closes #38

Edited by Andries van Schie

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