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Updated dev-vcs/gitlab-gitaly from version 0.52.0 to 0.52.1

Carel van Dam requested to merge (removed):dev-vcs/gitlab-gitaly into master

Hi Mr. Morlock,

This is the first of the merge requests necessary to get gitlab-runner/gitlab-pages working with GitlabHQ-10.2.4. This MR updated gitlab-gitaly to version 0.52.1. All I did was copy the 0.52.0 E-Build and rename it accordingly. This then pulls down the correct version of Gitlab-Gitaly from for use with gitlabhq-10.2.4.

Note that once the E-Build is installed one must navigate to the installation folder, /var/lib/gitlab-gitaly/ruby, and run bundle add rdoc as the root user. This will install rdoc, appeasing the Gollum complaints in ones gitlab-gitaly log files. This is necessary to allow gitlab-runner to perform HTTPS pulls from ones repositories which is necessary for Gitlab integration. Gitlab-runner does not support ssh pulls from ones repositories (I'm not sure it ever will from the various issue and feature requests I have seen on the forums).


Carel van Dam

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