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Carel van Dam requested to merge (removed):www-apps/gitlab-runner-bin into master

Hi Mr. Morlock,

This is the binary E-Build for gitlab runner this is quite useful for tests and should be the first one to try. The files contained in this branch are as follows :

README - Explains the sources I used for the E-Build gitlab-runner-9999.ebuild - The resulting E-Build (This may be dated) files/gitlab-runner - This is the init script for the package (This may be dated) gitlab-runner.toml - The configuration File for Gitlab-Runner (This may be dated)

This was my first attempt at getting Gitlab-Runner going. Note that it fails on x86 machines as Gitlab do not provide x86 binaries. This E-Build pulls down the gitlab-runner E-Builds from gitlab directly which are compiled for either ARM or x64 systems but not x86. More Gitlab's installer pulls down gitlab-runner-helper in the back ground which is a 64/arm docker container. This container is the really breaks down on an x86 machine and one is forced to use the source based E-Build, www-apps/gitlab-runner, in this case.



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