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Carel van Dam requested to merge (removed):www-apps/gitlab-runner into master

Hi Mr. Morlock,

This is the source based build for Gitlab-Runner. This is based of of the binary version, www-apps/gitlab-runner-bin, and as this was one of my initial E-Builds it is quite messy. The following files are present in this E-Build

gitlab-runner-9999.ebuild - The current E-Build (Though it's probably bit dated now) gitlab-runner-0/1 - Variations on gitlab-runner-9999.ebuild files/ - A script for constructing an x86 compatible Docker image for the gitlab-runner-helper to use during installation Dockerfile.i686 - The Docker file used by the script to create the Docker image. gitlab-runner-init - The init script for gitlab-runner gitlab-runner.init/.init.bin.version/.init.26Jun2017 - Variations upon the init script. MakeMeta - A Makefile that is quite useful for extracting meta infromation from another Makefile. This is surprisingly useful. *.patch - These supply the patches I needed initially to get this all working.

I need to go through the init scripts and see how they compare to version I presently use. The two docker files create a docker image within ones docker instance

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